Thunder Road Creations
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Thunder Road Creations

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Thunder Road Creations

features my One of a Kind Jewelry made from Vintage Car Paint....

Yes, I said Car Paint...

Called by many names-Detroit Agate, Fordite, Motor Agate..


A wonderful and unique by-product of American Auto production lines...Paint over-spray would build up on the metal racks that transported car bodies through the paint production areas, and into the ovens where each coat was baked hard. Some of the deep layers of this material have been baked over 100 times. 


I take this industrial by-product and cut stones from it and then design my jewelry around the stones that I cut. Each of my stones are One of a Kind and cannot be repeated, as irregularities form during each layer of color or primers. As the process of painting cars has changed with time, so it is getting harder and harder to find the wonderful older colors.


I use many recycled materials in my designs, from vintage sterling silver and found items to  the stones made from Vintage Car Paint, which I hand cut. 


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